Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The last Group workshop

On September 17th & 18th next I will hold the last group workshop for the foreseeable future. For four years now I have met wonderful people who have attended our Chopra Centre group workshops, Perfect Health and Primordial Sound Meditation. It was a life enriching experience that saw me move from giving workshops with three attendees to facilitating groups within large national and international organisations, to contributing to TV programmes aired on national television. The Chopra Centre gave me the honour in July of featuring me and my story on their international newsletter. I have also manifested my life long dream of becoming a published author with my book, The Lingerie Designer, in addition to which I was signed up by the publisher to write a further two books. This is the stuff I barely dared to dream of when, frightened and feeling lost I invested my time and money in attending Seduction of Spirit in The Chopra Centre in October 2006. Little did I know what a change that leap of faith would make to my life.
I would love to sit here writing this and tell you that, that is it - life is perfect. I must say it's pretty damn good. My family are happy, I've found love again and despite the world crisis, our spirits are high. However, with my successes has come a huge demand on my time and a need to prioritise. My work in the holistic health field has been geared more and more towards Stress Management. I teach people how to gain control over their stress levels. One of the factors I ask people to look at is, effective management of their time, looking at how much they take on and learning to say no - lovingly of course!
Now, I have to walk my own talk. I learned to use the Law of Attraction effectively and the Universe delivered in abundance – thank you. When I was intently focused on finishing my manuscript, then on edits, then on the book tour and TV appearances, I let some other essential things in my life slide, like going for long hikes that I so enjoyed. Meeting up with friends for hours of chat and laughs. I let my career focus take over and as a result I started to feel mentally fatigued, I gained weight - all the things I know how to avoid - if I take my own advise. So, now I've looked at what I need to do to regain that balance and I realise somethings got to give. My mother is a widow, elderly and living with Lymphoma, I have two children whom I love more than life it's self, great friends, a loving partner and of course not to forget bobby - the dog we rescued fifteen years ago, who now needs lots of TLC as he approaches his twilight time. I want to apply my knowledge for optimal health and spend as much of my free time as possible with those I love rather than looking back and wishing I did, while I could. To allow me to do this, I have decided to finish facilitating public group workshops. I will continue to provide Primordial Sound Meditation on a private bases and so that you are not effected by the amount of commitments I have, I will continue to offer private tuition at group rates. I will also continue with Stress Management and Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultations.
Even writing this post feels like a relief, now that the decision is made. Yes, I'm a little sad but life moves on and as Deepak says "Good luck is opportunity meet with preparedness." Taking too much on, running ragged doesn't serve us, our families or are higher good. Plus we are pretty much sure those opportunities will present themselves but we won't be prepared.

If you like to join me on my last public group workshop, it takes place in Dublin City Centre September 17th & 18th 2011. Primordial Sound Meditation instruction can also be organised over this weekend at an extremely competitive rate. For more details of the courses, which will be combined on this weekend email me or visit my web pages on Facebook, Perfect Health Ireland or Namaste Siobhan

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