Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Oh No - Does this mean I've to wear Moses Saddles!

I sometimes find it funny when people think to living an Ayurvedic lifestyle involves locking themselves away from 'the real world' to live like a white bearded guru tucked away in a mountain cave.

If I'm being honest when I first started shifting my awareness to find a deeper meaning to my life, my own reaction was similar and I lived in terror of having to swap my skinny high heels for a practical pair of Moses sandles - it was all about the shoes.

The Perfect Health program teaches ways to optimise your health and well being - how much you want to apply to your life is, of course, entirely your choice. Some people, dive head first into it, others - myself included, adapt a few of the principles at a time. For me, the well-being I felt from just making a few small changes to my daily life encouraged me to continue making more awarness based decisions. What a wonderful feeling it is to take control of your own well being. Wasn't it Einstein who said - 'The Definition of Madness - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result' .....

Knowledge is a great thing - applying it to our lives is our own choice. The key is to live a balanced healthy life and for me that continues to include 'having the craic' and plenty of belly laughs - and no I'm not living in a cave in Tibet and yes I still wear the high heels - but perhaps just not every day. It's all about balance - stillettos optional.

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