Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Year - New You

For those of you setting personal goals for 2011 - well done. There are four things that will help make your goals a reality. So, give yourself the best possible chance of achieving your goals by ensuring they tick the following boxes....

Your goals should be -

1. Positive
e.g: Rather than saying 'I'm going to get rid of all the negative people from my life' put a positive affirmation on the intention by saying something like 'this year, I am open to meeting and welcoming new and positive people into my life'

2. Realistic
e.g: If you currently do not have a political career there would be little point in saying 'This year I'm going to become the Prime Minister' a more realistic goal might be 'this year I'm going to get involved in my local community to bring about positive changes.'

3. Specific
e.g: 'This year I'm going to lose weight' be more specific. For example, a good alternative would be 'I will drop one dress size by Valentine's day'

4. Measurable
It is a good idea to write down your goals, think about why you want to acheive them, what changes you need to make to help you do so and when you would like to acheive this by (remember to be realistic!) e.g: There is little point in saying 'This year I'm going to learn to speak fluent Spanish' if you do not have any ideas how you may go about this. A measurable goal would be to check out spanish classes in your area (unless you go the full way and intend to move to a Spanish speaking country of course!) and say 'I'm starting Spanish classes and by summer, I will have conversational Spanish.'

Whatever your intentions and desires for the New Year are may I wish you the very best of luck in welcoming them into your life. Have a wonderful, loving, fun filled 2011.

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