Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mid summer

I was really looking forward to this years Summer Solstice - I love this time of year. However, my enthusiasm was somewhat dampened by the torrents of rains that just didn't want to let up. That said, I was amazed at the amount of people that turned up to the Health & Yoga day in Cultivate Centre Temple Bar. The day was a great success - which was reflected in the amount of brolly's lined up at the entrance. I guess if we let the weather in Ireland dictate to us when we could go out, we'd end up a nation of hibernators. I meet lovely people and enjoyed a few belly laughs with my colleagues Mary & Shabina - the beautiful ladies of Inner Bliss.

So my Solstice wasn't the romantic mid summer day I'd envisaged but it that's the way it goes. If we hold on to set ideals of how things should be - we are setting ourselves up for disappointment - who wants that. Much better to be flexible in your outlook and somehow the sun will always shine through.

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